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Biden urges investigation into 'illegal activity' that may be causing spike in gas prices

Published on August 11, 2021

WASHINGTON – President Joe Biden said Wednesday his administration is taking steps to crack down on illegal activity that might be contributing to a rise in gas prices.


Milo Ventimiglia and Hayden Panettiere, 'Heroes'Milo Ventimiglia vowed he would "never do it again" when asked about dating a co-star after his high-profile relationship with fellow "Heroes" star Hayden Panettiere came to an end before the show did.

The two began dating in 2007 after meeting on the set of the NBC superhero drama, where they both held starring roles: Ventimiglia as hospice nurse Peter Petrelli and Panettiere as high school cheerleader Claire Bennet. They called it quits in 2009, but remained working together on the show for another year.


These Loggers Got Quite The Surprise From A Hollow Tree

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DETROIT — Storms swept through Wednesday leaving more than 850,000 customer in the Midwest without power, according to data from, with the most residents in the dark in Michigan, Wis...
U.S. officials are expected to declare the first-ever water shortage at the country’s largest reservoir, Lake Mead. Arizona farmers prepare for cuts to their water amid the ongoing megadrought in t...
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'A Community Thrives': Gannett Foundation calls for applications in national, local crowdfunding and grant program

The pandemic has created financial challenges for many nonprofits and municipal organizations aimed at helping their communities.

Groups can get a helping hand by applying to the 2021 A Community Thrives program, a $2.3 million initiative of the Gannett Foundation. The program is sponsored by Gannett, the USA TODAY Network’s parent company, and is marking its fifth year supporting groups that address social issues.

Starting June 1, organizations can apply to raise money for a specific project. They’ll first raise money on their own through crowdfunding campaigns, then they'll be eligible for one of 15 national grants of up to $100,000. Separate incentives aimed at rewarding high-fundraising projects will be offered.

“A Community Thrives is an opportunity for Gannett to raise up local ideas and community needs by providing nonprofit organizations with visibility, grants and exposure to new donors through the unique power of the USA TODAY and USA TODAY Network platforms,” said Sue Madden, director of the Gannett Foundation.  


Now accepting reader submissions: Creating a gaming community at USA TODAY

The USA TODAY Tech section looks to foster a conversation and community around gaming, its impact on people of different communities and tips on how to enjoy your favorite games more! We're looking for broad appeal, player insight, new information, tips and tricks, first-person experiences with a game, fresh takes on games or gaming culture, or listicles of your favorite/least favorite gaming elements.

We will only accept pieces that are submitted exclusively to USA TODAY on topics of PC, console, phone gaming or board games. We do not accept material that has been published on blogs or other news sites.


A 30-year-old Florida woman gave birth, took 2 photos with her baby and died days later of COVID-19

Weakened and hospitalized with COVID-19, Kristen McMullen of West Melbourne, Florida, gave birth to her tiny daughter, Summer Reign, via emergency C-section on July 27.

She could only cradle her newborn for a few fleeting moments.

“She was able to hold Summer for basically just two pictures," said Melissa Syverson, McMullen's aunt.

"One she had the mask on, and one she took the mask off. They took the quick pictures, she put the mask back on – and then they moved Kristen to ICU immediately after that," she said.

"A 30-year-old bright, beautiful, vivacious girl with the world ahead of her," McMullen died of COVID-19

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